TAAB: The little gadget that makes manual focusing enjoyable again!


A focus tab can help you focus faster in two ways:

1.- The ring becomes much easier to turn and control.

2.- The tactile feel and position of the tab will aid you (without looking) in knowing what distance is set on the lens. For example at 1500 (3:00pm) it will be exactly at lets say 3 meters and at 7:00pm it would be at 1 meter. Since this TAAB is movable, you can set that distance to your liking.

All my rangefinder lenses have a focusing tab from original design and done in the manufacturing process, so they are fixed which in many ways is much better.

The Leica Elmarit M 90mm f/2.8 doesn’t have a focus tab. It has a long throw, which can be good for a lens like this since you need very precise movements to focus at 90mm but adding this little TAAB suddenly your motion is smother, has a better grip and has the same idea of the tabs found in other lenses.

The material is made of strong, durable and yet soft to the touch plastic. Very “grippy.” I don’t work for these guys and I had to purchase mine but go ahead and Get yours here you won’t regret it.

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Taab Focus Rings

Transform the handling of your non-tab Leica lenses


What do the current Leica 50mm Summicron, 50mm Noctilux and 75/90mm Apo-Summicrons have in common? They all lack a focus tab, something that I find near essential, especially in a smaller-diameter lens such as the 50 ‘Cron.

In fact, while I can accept the absence of a tab on fatter lenses such as the Noctilux, I find the 50 Summicron frustrating to use. Most Leica lenses I use regularly, from the 28mm Elmarit, through the 35mm Summicron and Summilux, to the 50mm Summilux and the 50mm Apo-Summicron, are equipped with a standard focus tab which improves the ergonomics no end. Even the now-defunct but enticing 28-35-50 Tri-Elmar is equipped with a substantial tab and it definitely improves the handling.

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TAAB Lens Focus Tab

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If you´re a keen photographer, and are all about manual focusing, this is just the thing for you. Meet Taab, you´re new best friend. Taab is the easiest way to add a focus tab on your lens, simply slip it on to get a sturdy finger rest, a smooth grip and tactile feel when you need critical focus, it also gives you a visual guide to let you know your focus point. Available in three sizes to fit most lenses, Taab is built ultra tough with ultra durability for any rugged use.

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