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Our new “Basic” camera strap is anything but basic.

The TAAB “Basic Strap” is anything but basic. A camera strap that looks good, but doesn’t stand out. Each “Basic” strap is made with premium bridle leather, hand-riveted, and hand-finished. Strong, durable, and made to last.

Each strap is secured using solid Saddlers copper rivet – one of the strongest ways to hold leather together without stitches. We use a custom manufactured copper rivet that is nickel plated to a nice chrome finish. Securing your camera is top priority, therefore we use heavy-duty split rings that are made from durable strength stainless steel. These are serious heavy-duty rings, unlike many found on straps today. Our split rings are fabricated in the USA of spring tempered steel which is then plated in bright nickel to prevent corrosion. These rings open easily, yet resume their original shape without distortion.

Each strap is hand-riveted and inspected to ensure a proper fit.

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TAAB: The little gadget that makes manual focusing enjoyable again!

A focus tab can help you focus faster in two ways:

1.- The ring becomes much easier to turn and control.

2.- The tactile feel and position of the tab will aid you (without looking) in knowing what distance is set on the lens. For example at 1500 (3:00pm) it will be exactly at lets say 3 meters and at 7:00pm it would be at 1 meter. Since this TAAB is movable, you can set that distance to your liking.

All my rangefinder lenses have a focusing tab from original design and done in the manufacturing process, so they are fixed which in many ways is much better.

The Leica Elmarit M 90mm f/2.8 doesn’t have a focus tab. It has a long throw, which can be good for a lens like this since you need very precise movements to focus at 90mm but adding this little TAAB suddenly your motion is smother, has a better grip and has the same idea of the tabs found in other lenses.

The material is made of strong, durable and yet soft to the touch plastic. Very “grippy.” I don’t work for these guys and I had to purchase mine but go ahead and Get yours here you won’t regret it.

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Taab Focus Rings

Transform the handling of your non-tab Leica lenses

What do the current Leica 50mm Summicron, 50mm Noctilux and 75/90mm Apo-Summicrons have in common? They all lack a focus tab, something that I find near essential, especially in a smaller-diameter lens such as the 50 ‘Cron.

In fact, while I can accept the absence of a tab on fatter lenses such as the Noctilux, I find the 50 Summicron frustrating to use. Most Leica lenses I use regularly, from the 28mm Elmarit, through the 35mm Summicron and Summilux, to the 50mm Summilux and the 50mm Apo-Summicron, are equipped with a standard focus tab which improves the ergonomics no end. Even the now-defunct but enticing 28-35-50 Tri-Elmar is equipped with a substantial tab and it definitely improves the handling.

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Bless This Stuff

TAAB Lens Focus Tab

Bless This Stuff Blog

If you´re a keen photographer, and are all about manual focusing, this is just the thing for you. Meet Taab, you´re new best friend. Taab is the easiest way to add a focus tab on your lens, simply slip it on to get a sturdy finger rest, a smooth grip and tactile feel when you need critical focus, it also gives you a visual guide to let you know your focus point. Available in three sizes to fit most lenses, Taab is built ultra tough with ultra durability for any rugged use.

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TAAB Lens Tab

35mmc – Hamish Gill

I do like a focusing tab on a rangefinder lens, I just find focusing slightly more intuitive somehow. Generally speaking I also find the lack of requirement to grip the focusing wheel to also be a slightly more effective of way focusing without introducing unnecessary movement to the camera. So when TAAB was pointed out to me, I thought I’d found the perfect solution to add a focusing tab to my lenses that don’t have one. Of course, the TAAB isn’t currently available to buy, it’s still in its beta testing phase, so I contacted them to find out if I could be a part of that process. The answer was yes, and this post represents my findings of my testing process; it’s half intended as a product review, and half feedback to TAAB.

After a brief email chat with Nate from TAAB, he agreed to send me a one for review, but luckily for me, and in fact the rest of the people in the beta testing program, we all received all three sizes of TAAB – mini, standard and hefty. You can see the size of lens for which these are intended on the TAAB Website Here.

Once I knew I was to receive all three, what I had in mind for them became three specific lenses in my box of rangefinder tricks – the 90mm elmar for the mini, the 28mm 1.9 Voigtlander for the standard, and the 50mm 1.1 Voigtlander for the hefty… Read the full story

Japan Camera Hunter


Japan Camera Hunter

I get sent lots of lovely things in the post (and some less than lovely ones, the less said about that the better) and if I really like them than I like to give them a JCH seal of approval. Here are some of the things that have caught my eye lately. Read the full story



TAAB Beta Testing by Daniel Gorman


I first came across TAAB while perusing Instagram feeds and analogue photography hashtags. The company had a super clean account with crisp black and white photos and an awesome looking product designed to speed focusing on rangefinder and SLR lenses. Their product is a black neoprene ring with a finger notch that slides over the focus ring of lenses to aid in speedier focusing.

Having looked for similar products in the past with no success, I was immediately interested. I went to their website and noticed they had a program set up for beta testers. I happily filled it out and within a few weeks received a package in the mail. Inside were two TAABs; Standard and Hefty. The initial batch of beta rings were described as rough around the edges but functionally sound. When I took them out of their sleek tin cases I was super pumped to use them.

Despite being rough cut at this stage, they fit over both my Pentax-M lenses and Canon lenses with a nice and tight fit. They’ll also fit perfectly on my Nikon pre-AI lenses, Canon FD lenses and with all other SLR brands and their various mounts. With the tins came a sleek brochure with the company’s info. They’ve done an excellent job with the aesthetics of the company and that goes a long way when dealing with photographers and visual people. Read the full story

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The Focal Point


TAAB Beta Testing by Bo Williams


This is my first post on my newly created blog. With the spirit of newness in mind, I will be sharing my thoughts on a new product that is soon to hit the market; TAAB lens tab.

After discovering TAAB on Instagram, I was immediately intrigued. A non-destructive focus tab? Sounds pretty great to me! I specify non-destructive as I have previously attempted to rig a focus tab by ordering a “universal” tab online that didn’t fit and attempted to make it stay attached using an extremely adhesive tape, which has left residue that is slowing wearing off. Read the full story

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You can read the complete review at