TAAB Beta Testing by Daniel Gorman


I first came across TAAB while perusing Instagram feeds and analogue photography hashtags. The company had a super clean account with crisp black and white photos and an awesome looking product designed to speed focusing on rangefinder and SLR lenses. Their product is a black neoprene ring with a finger notch that slides over the focus ring of lenses to aid in speedier focusing.

Having looked for similar products in the past with no success, I was immediately interested. I went to their website and noticed they had a program set up for beta testers. I happily filled it out and within a few weeks received a package in the mail. Inside were two TAABs; Standard and Hefty. The initial batch of beta rings were described as rough around the edges but functionally sound. When I took them out of their sleek tin cases I was super pumped to use them.

Despite being rough cut at this stage, they fit over both my Pentax-M lenses and Canon lenses with a nice and tight fit. They’ll also fit perfectly on my Nikon pre-AI lenses, Canon FD lenses and with all other SLR brands and their various mounts. With the tins came a sleek brochure with the company’s info. They’ve done an excellent job with the aesthetics of the company and that goes a long way when dealing with photographers and visual people. Read the full story

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You can read the complete review at dfg.exposure.co/taab-product-review