TAAB Design Update

TAAB Design Update

A reporting on design updates and considerations based on feedback.

I wanted to update everyone on the latest design tweaks.  After having a healthy dose of feedback from both beta users and supporters, the following design tweaks will be included in the production designs.  New renderings will available shortly.

Logo Etching

The decision has been made to remove the TAAB logo etching on to the ring. As a photographer, I feel as though the logo will be distracting.

Tab Design

The tab design will feature a more ergonomic form.  A tapering of the finger rest will be introduced.  This will allow the tab to contour to the finger.

Slimmer Form

TAAB’s ring will be shaved down by 1mm.  This will slim down TAAB without sacrificing durability or rigidity.  Combined with the tapered tab, the overall look will be a sleeker TAAB.